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Team Type 1 Global Ambassador Kisses the Pig

DePauw's Hunter Sego wins ADA fundraiser

Team Type 1 Foundation Global Ambassador Hunter Sego was announced the winner of the 2016 American Diabetes Association (ADA) Kiss A Pig Indianapolis during last night's Indiana Pacers v. New York Knicks game. Kiss A Pig is a campaign helping celebrate the progress in the fight for diabetes. The pig symbolizes the first source of insulin for people diagnosed with diabetes.

Sego is a DePauw University freshman where he plays football and double majors in biochemistry and pre-med. As both a Team Type 1 Foundation Global Ambassador and a youth advocate for the ADA, Sego hopes to "continue efforts in helping athletes and their families work with coaches and medical professionals to manage healthy practices while performing in their sport."

About Team Type 1 Foundation

Established in 2005, the Team Type 1 Foundation is a nonprofit organization pursuing a mission of education, empowerment and equal access to medicine for everyone affected by diabetes. Collaborating with governments, healthcare professionals, diabetes experts and individuals living with diabetes around the world, the Team Type 1 Foundation is bridging the gap to access and education through sustainable and economically viable solutions. For more information, visit:

About Phil Southerland

Phil Southerland is the CEO and co-founder of Team Novo Nordisk and Founder and President of Team Type 1 Foundation. Team Novo Nordisk is a global sports organization home to more than 100 endurance athletes with diabetes, spearheaded by the worlds’ first all-diabetes professional cycling team. Southerland was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at just seven months old and doctors told his mother he was unlikely to live past the age of 25. Now 34, Southerland is a diabetes ambassador and thought leader, educating and empowering people throughout the world and driving a movement to redefine the boundaries for those living with diabetes. He is also the author of the book “Not Dead Yet,” which chronicles his life from early diagnosis to his mission to change the face of diabetes on a global scale.